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Regulation changes in Budapest’s public transport

It is in the interest of Budapest’s citizens to protect the health of our colleagues operating the public transport vehicles. Without them, we cannot guarantee a smooth service. In order to protect the drivers, passengers are no longer allowed to board at the first door or use the front seats.

The front section of the buses and trolleybuses is now closed. We kindly ask our passengers to cooperate and respect this rule.

In order to prevent (slow down) the spread of the coronavirus epidemic and protect the health of all of us, we have introduced additional measures in the use of public transport:

  • Ticket sales on vehicles are suspended.
  • To assure proper ventilation in our vehicles:
    • We guarantee as many vehicles with windows that can be opened as possible.
    • When passengers board or take-off, all the vehicle doors of will be opened.
  • We introduced frequent disinfection on top of the regular cleaning routine.
  • Bearing in mind that our ticket inspectors and customer service colleagues come in frequent contact with passengers, we provided them with hand sanitizers.
  • We are operating as many escalators as possible in the metro stations, ensuring that passengers get above-ground as quickly as possible.
  • We launched an awareness campaign and placed notices on vehicles and at stations, informing of the basic hygiene rules during pandemics.