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More than 20,000 coronavirus tests are being performed by the Municipality of Budapest

In the next few days, the Municipality of Budapest will carry out 10,000 PCR coronavirus tests at companies and institutions in Budapest. Testing has a key role in slowing the spread of the disease, and if we want to alleviate the current restrictions later, a lot more tests need to be performed.

According to international experience and health organizations, more testing should be performed in order to stop the spread of the pandemic. Therefore, the Metropolitan Municipality has so far acquired a total of 28,000 tests. Out of these, 10,000 IgM / IgG type tests were purchased from Kelen Kórház Co. following the public procurement procedure. The use of these are currently ongoing in nursing homes and homeless shelter organizations. The provider of the 10,800 PCR tests is Corden International Co.

The government further supported the work to fight the pandemic in the institutions of the Municipality of Budapest by providing over 500 IgM / IgG tests.

Conducting regular tests plays a key role in knowing who has already contracted the disease, and where the epidemic is heading, so that the current restrictive measures can be alleviated.

The tests are carried out for the first on staff working in social and nursing homes, nurses and residents of the nursing homes in Budapest.

Budapest, 23 April 2020

Mayor’s Office

Media Relations Group