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There is assistance for children suffering from abuse during the pandemic as well

Child abuse and neglect is always an important topic, especially so during the current pandemic. A higher rate of children can be affected by abuse during the coronavirus, due to the environment that they’re exposed to. It is important to know that victims can get help – free hotlines and online platforms are available where they can turn to.

Unfortunately, there are a number of forms of child abuse which can embitter a child’s whole life. Aside from domestic violence, there can be psychological abuse, verbal abuse, neglect and/or starvation, which cannot be overlooked. Verbal and psychological threats could re-emerge in relationships during adolescence. Others may see their parents in similar situations which has a bad effect on their development. Many youngsters, if not in his or her family, detect the signs on their friends who have become victims of some kind of abuse.

„1200 children were victims of domestic violence in 2019. During the pandemic, teachers and health professionals are harder to reach for concerned children and youngsters. Nobody can detect the „signs”, and they do not know where and to whom to turn to in these situations”, said Ágnes Németh, police chief superintendent, the director of Crime Prevention Department of the National Police Headquarters.

Those who are concerned can ask for help at:
• Blue Line Child Crisis Foundation: 116 111,
• National Crisis Management and Informational Telephone Service: 06 80 20 55 20,
• Yelon (chat conversation):

#dontlet #thereishelp #askforhelp

The National Police Headquarters’ Crime Prevention Department has initiated a campaign to draw the attention of those who are concerned to the above-mentioned contact information, and to assure them that they are not alone. Nowadays, youngsters can be reached via Tiktok or Instagram which are the most popular social media platforms. Many Hungarian TikTok stars have joined the campaign who help voluntarily. The campaign #dontlet #thereishelp #askforhelp has reached more than 100,000 youngsters. Influencers participating in the campaign include, Dorina Szász, Nikoletta Szászné, Milán Szender, Márk Liszkai, Tina Makovics, Tibor Bálint, Adrienn Makk, Dani Nasz, Cintia Szilágyi, Titanilla Gódor, Vanessza Török, Richárd Csizmár, Márk Sóvári.