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The Hungarian Red Cross and the Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service is looking for blood donors 

During the pandemic, blood donations are a necessity, but plenty of blood donation events have been cancelled, resulting in less donations than ever. However, at permanent and safe sites, blood donors are awaited.  

Blood donors are greatly needed, however due to the epidemic measures, most of the otherwise standard remote blood donation sites have been closed. Therefore, we ask you to give blood, if you can! 

The Red Cross and the National Blood Transfusion Service make every effort to protect the blood donors, the patients receiving the blood, as well as the health care workers during blood donationsTherefore, we ask you to read this information carefullybased on which you can decide whether you are eligible to donate! Please note, if you have been diagnosed with coronavirus, have been in close contact with likely infected or confirmed patient, have had unexpected symptoms of illness, or if you have been abroad within the last month, we ask you kindly not to donate blood right now! 

Blood donations are being accepted in the headquarters of the Hungarian Red Cross, located at the Empathy Cafe & Bistro (1051 Budapest, Arany János u. 31.). The opening hours in April are Monday to Friday, between 11 am and 6 pm, and from May, Monday to Friday between 11 am and 5 pm. 

There is also another permanent site located in Budapest, at the headquarters of the Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service (1113 Budapest, Karolina út 19-21), where blood donors are being accepted Monday to Friday between 7 am and 7 pm. 

At both locations, appointment bookings are available, however without making a preliminary appointment, everyone will be still be accepted. You can book an appointment, and look for other temporary sites for blood donation here. 

Important note, the coronavirus is an airborne disease, which means that through blood transfusion it cannot spread! Therefore, there is no coronavirus testing on the blood samples taken.  

In order to protect the donors, several measures have been introduced at the sites: 

  • Before entering the sites of the blood donations, hand disinfection is provided and required.  
  • At blood donation sites, the number of donors being present in the room is limited.  
  • Area for filling out questionnaires, waiting, and giving blood have been established, so that the minimum 1.5 m distance is provided between blood donors 
  • Hand disinfection is more common, and the awareness of the staff has been raised regarding the importance of personal hygienic.  
  • The staff of the Red Cross as well as the Blood Transfusion Service, who constitute a risk from any aspect, cannot work.  
  • Every blood donor is provided with sterilized pen to fill out the questionnaire and sign other documents. 

For any further questions regarding blood donation, please write to the email address or contact the Red Cross via phone at +36 1 311 3660.  

Photo Source: Hungarian Red Cross