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New bike lanes have appeared in Budapest

This strange spring has not only brought singing birds to Budapest. Long awaited bike lanes have suddenly appeared on crowded roads. The #newbikelanes reach Bartók Béla, Tétényi and Üllői roads as well as Grand Boulevard/Nagykörút and soon – much to our delight – all roads in Budapest can be used with bikes.

It is joyful, because there are many people who do not use their bikes on public roads due to the heavy traffic. As Áron Halász, spokesperson of Hungarian Cyclists’ Club said: „I do hope that a lot of people will remain on their bikes after this as well, as this extraordinary situation opens the door for a new beginning.” Let us do so! If you ride your bike for sports purposes, we would like to show you the possible answers to the „cycle in nature and keep distance” challenge in the following video:



Source: BKK, énbudapestem (myBudapest)