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Budapest’s chimney sweepers are helping those in need

Due to the suspension of chimney checks, Budapest’s chimney sweepers are helping those in need. Since the end of March, more than 4000 households have been given food and medicine.

From 17 March, FŐKÉTÜSZ Kft. temporarily stopped their planned chimney checks in Budapest in order to prevent the spread of the virus. However, Budapest’s chimney sweepers still carry out lifesaving duties. From 23 March, almost 500 of the company’s employees are carrying out social duties with 32 vehicles. Chimney sweepers are delivering food and medicine for vulnerable and elderly residents.

The employees of FŐKÜTÉSZ have delivered tons of food and medicine to more than 4,000 households as of the beginning of May. Until their regular work resumes, chimney sweepers are participating in social sector duties with the employees of Mayors’ offices, coordinated by Budapest Law Enforcement Directorate.

From 17 March, FŐKÉTÜSZ Kft. has stopped chimney inspections. New inspection schedules will be determined later, depending on the pandemic outbreak. Simultaneously, personal customer service has been suspended by FŐKÉTÜSZ Kft. However, technical tests and breakdown prevention works are running smoothly. Orders of chimney sweep technical pronouncements can be still planned, and completed pronouncements are being issued continuously, but with reduced capacity.

Source: FŐKÉTÜSZ (Metropolitan Chimney Sweeping company)