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Restart Budapest – Opening the quay for the weekend

Under the Restart Budapest program, the city prepares for the possible easing of the lockdown. This begins with banning cars from the quays. It is first scheduled on the 16th and 17th May, when the Municipality of Budapest opens the Pest quay between Margaret and Szabadság bridges for cyclists and pedestrians.

The purpose of opening of the quay helps residents to return back the city, their homes and to visit their favourite parts of the city, as well as giving back the closed areas for cyclists and pedestrians, adults and children.  As a consequence, traffic will reduce, and life will come back to the popular public areas, in this case being closer to the riverbank allow us to see the river Danube’s and Europe’s most beautiful views.

„The quay needs to be an open public area, people should use it. We want to show that the riverbank can be used for walking in downtown as well. On the other hand, we consider it as an experiment, we want to see how the city reacts to it, how and where the traffic goes, and how it influences the life of downtown and Buda when drivers look for alternative routes”

– said Csaba Faix, director of Budapest City Image Nonprofit Ltd. and Budapest Festival and Tourism Center Nonprofit Ltd.

Lesser-known green areas, parks, squares were opened up for the public last weekend – and we gradually get back our city, this means that besides popular places, new areas are given to the residents of Budapest to avoid crowds and adhere to the new rules regarding social distancing.

The opening of the quay is only the beginning of the cooperation of the Municipality of Budapest, the Budapest City Image Nonprofit Ltd. and Valyo, they also plan to close more parks close to quay during the summer, allowing for an alternative besides parks to enjoy the city.

Traffic will be stopped on Saturday between 2 and 3 a.m., and cars will be allowed to return on Sunday at around 11 p.m. The above-mentioned part of the quay will welcome residents from Saturday morning until Sunday late evening.

Photo: Valyo – Város és Folyó Egyesület – Zombori Balázs