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The Budapest Zoo reopens with new rules

The Zoo will only welcome visitors again with tickets bought online in advance and previously purchased tickets. There are a number of other temporary rules to ensure the safety of the guests.

The Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden will open its doors again on May 20. Precautionary measures have been introduced for the reopening period, concerning ticket pick-ups, the maximum number of visitors allowed in the garden area per day, and restrictions on the number of visitors to certain showrooms. We recommend that you check out the Zoo’s Facebook page before you set off!

Opening Hours: open from 9.00, entry permitted from Monday to Friday before 17.00 and you will have to leave the Zoo by 18.00. On weekends, you can enter the zoo until 18.00 and leave the garden by 19.00.

Capacity limit and ticket purchase: in order to avoid crowding, tickets are currently limited to maximum of 2,500 people per day! Therefore, there is no ticket sale on the spot, please redeem your tickets in advance through the website!

Unfortunately, there is no way to pay with a SZÉP card when buying tickets online.

Previously purchased advance tickets without a specified day cannot be used at the moment. However, their validity will be extended until 31 December.

Passes: You can also visit the Zoo with previously purchased valid passes. Passes that were valid between 15 March and 19 May 2020 or expired during this period will be extended by 66 days.

Special Discounts: Due to special preventive measures, it is not yet possible to redeem certain special discount tickets. These tickets include, for example, discount partner tickets and group discount tickets. Due to the prevailing risk of infections, we do not want to encourage group visits.

What places can you visit?

Most of the zoo’s outdoor showrooms can be visited as early as May 20, except for the entire area of the Holnemvolt Castle and the aisles where the public can go amongst the animals. As a precaution, the indoor showrooms and animal houses will be closed for a while.

Some important requests to protect the health of visitors and animals:

  • if you notice any symptoms of the disease, postpone the visit to the zoo;
  • it is recommended to wear a mask in the Zoo area;
  • we recommend frequent and thorough hand washing: we constantly refill the disinfectants placed in the washrooms and hand washing stations;
  • do not feed the animals. The dedicated zoo delicacies will not be sold for the time being.

You can find more detailed information on the website of the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden.

If there is no place left for the selected day, we recommend that you visit another, lesser-known green area of Budapest, for which we have prepared a recommendation map.