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The Municipality of Budapest expresses its gratitude to the Heroes of Budapest

The Municipality of Budapest launched a campaign titled Heroes of Budapest. The city would like to thank those who did vital work during the restrictions, which ensured the continued operation of the city and the care of its residents.

These people who are portrayed in public and online campaigns work in the health sector, transportation, the social sphere and public maintenance on a daily basis. The ads include, among others, a GP, a bus and tram driver, a social worker and a garbage collector. The aim of the campaign is to express the city’s gratitude to the heroes and at the same time draw the attention of the Budapest community to appreciate these professions. The posters can be seen on the Facebook page of the Budapest City Hall and on the BKK poster surfaces and vehicles.

The Municipality of Budapest also made a film with a similar topic, which can be watched here:

Municipality of Budapest

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