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Tickets can be purchased on location for Budapest baths

As communicated earlier, the Palatinus, Paskál, Pesterzsébeti, Csillaghegyi and Római baths have been opened from 30 May, and the Pünkösdfürdői bath will open on 15 June. Contrary the previous communication, tickets can be purchased at the individual locations, however online purchase is still recommended, since entry is ensured this way. If one of the baths reaches its maximum capacity, more guests will not be allowed to get in; online purchased ticket holders’ places are ensured. Tickets can be purchased online for the given day until 8 a.m.

Due to the epidemiological situation, baths have been prepared according to the recommendations by the National Public Health Service since 5 May. Furthermore, certain rules for customers have always existed (for example the usage of sandals, or showering before entering the pool), but we ask customers to take these rules more seriously now. Without sandals, one cannot enter the area of the bath.

Budapest Spas cPlc. (BGYH), which operates the baths of Budapest, has renewed its webpage for the reopening, and detailed information can be found regarding every bath. Please check them out, before you visit them!

Ticket prices will not be significantly higher than last year’s prices, and discounts for students, children, elderly visitors and for families are still in effect. In the area of baths, one can pay with bank or prepaid cards only, just like previously.

An important new measure is that the capacity of baths is limited, which means less people inside the area of baths, based on the decree of the National Public Health Service. The number of free places will be listed at the entrance. Restrictions regarding the capacity of pools serve the public interest and protect visitors. Pool managers will monitor the situation.

Besides usual maintenance works, co-workers of BGYH clean and disinfect more frequently. Reopening can take place after the water is analysed from a bacteriological assessment. Based on the current regulations, disinfection of pools is carried out every 2 hours.

Proxy/RFID watches, which are used by customers for entering, are being disinfected after each use. The most crowded public areas (entrance, corridors, dressing rooms, toilets) will be disinfected every hour, and handrails of pools every 30 minutes. Baths with other services (playgrounds, sports grounds) will be cleaned twice a day. Equipment for rent will be disinfected after every use. Customers can get disinfectants at several places, signs will draw attention to the proper method of handwashing.

At the entrance and restaurants, social distancing must be practised, which is shown via painted signs.

Budapest Spas cPlc. (BGYH) will welcome its customers from 30 May and asks for their cooperation. Enjoy yourselves and have a good time!