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Social care

While the coronavirus epidemic poses a higher threat to the elderly and people with pre-existing medical conditions, it also affects disadvantaged people more severely. Consequently, it is of outstanding importance that we focus on equal opportunities.

It is our responsibility to help and take care of the needy. Beyond its own institutional framework, the Municipality plays a coordinating role in the field of social care. Transparency and clear communication is the foundation of a successful pandemic management and recovery.

The Municipality must take on a big role in the organisation and operation of assistance platforms. We must develop the social service system. Special attention should be given to those who have lost their job and are facing existential struggles. Strong emphasis must be placed on handling housing struggles, the prevention of evictions and homelessness. In addition, we must also pay attention to the increasing problem of domestic violence.

Strong emphasis must be placed on handling the housing difficulties, preventing evictions and finding a solution to the problem of homelessness, as well as paying attention to the increasing domestic violence due to the current situation.

The aim is to preserve Budapest as a caring city, which does not abandon its citizens, pays special attention to equality and helps vulnerable social groups.

Like Budapest, the restart program must be an open, flexible program that continuously responds to new challenges. Therefore, Restart Budapest is a dynamically developing action plan, the measures of which will be announced and expanded in several stages in the coming weeks. Don’ forget to check our website for more updates about the program!

Budapest will support camping opportunities for 10,000 children