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The Szabo Ervin Library will begin their reopening from the 1st of July, in three phases

Due to the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the decisions of the government and the Municipality of Budapest, the Szabo Ervin Library will reopen its gates gradually, taking into account the safety of its staff and customers.

After reopening, significant traffic, as well as waiting time is expected in libraries. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to wait a few days before personal visits to the library.

After reopening, the library will not have a summer break. In order to ensure the safety of both the staff and the visitors, everyone will have to comply with social distancing rules. The morning period up to 12.00PM is recommended for visitors over 65 but every age group can visit during the opening hours.

The leadership of the library asks its visitors to comply with the measures needed against the virus.

The rules of library visit:

  1. Face covering is compulsory!
  2. Please keep a physical distance!
  3. Places for waiting will be assigned!

When will the library open?

The reopening will take place in three phases, with opening hours out of the ordinary and with limited services.

The Central Library will be open from 1st of July with the opening hours of Monday-Friday from 10am to 6pm.

Please find some additional information regarding the lost period due to coronavirus:

  1. The library memberships will be prolonged with as many days as many of them were lost due to the shutdown.
  2. 30 days will be provided after the reopening to bring back borrowed books without having to pay a late return fee.
  3. Possibility for reservations will be provided, in order to be able to receive our readers with packages organized according to their demands.

For information regarding the reopening and borrowing rules and news please visit the library’s official website.