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More and more baths are reopening in Budapest

Széchenyi and Rudas Thermal Baths will fully reopen from the 1st of July.

After its outdoor areas and saunas, indoor pools of St. Lukács Thermal Bath will be in operation from the 1st of July.

After its outdoor areas had reopened, Palatinus Bath have been fully operating from the 28th of June, as its indoor pools have reopened as well.

Pesterzsébet Thermal Bath has been in full operation from the 27th of June. The bath’s iodic-salt pool and its sauna will likely reopen on the 1st of July.

The maintainer of the baths, Budapest Spas cPlc. (BGYH), still devotes particular attention to hygiene, baths fully comply with the authorities’ stricter public health regulations. Detailed measures can be observed here.

While tickets can be purchased at the spot, it is recommended to buy your tickets online due to stricter limit restrictions regarding visitors.