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The Restart Public Employment Program is launched

The aim of the Municipality of Budapest is to create a public employment pilot project in Budapest as part of the public works program launched by the government, in which public employees gain viable knowledge in the market world at the end of the program. Therefore, in addition to the existing public employment programs of Budapest Esély Non-profit ltd., the Budapest Municipality is launching 3 new program elements, elderly care, public cleaning and a public employment program, the duration of which is one year, as this period is necessary and sufficient for the formation and start-up of the new structures.

For the implementation of the Restart Public Employment Program, the co-operation of the government is important for two reasons. On the one hand, an amendment to the law is needed so that, in contrast to the current ban, local governments would be free to supplement the current unjustly low public employment wages. On the other hand, there is a need for the Minister of Interior to declare the program a pilot project and to provide more than 20% state support for the costs of training leading to a vocational qualification under the program, in terms of material costs.

Public Health Start Program

Preventive cleaning and disinfection cleaning, as well as the performance of certain maintenance and conservation works in the closed spaces, public areas and means of transport of public institutions and public service providers maintained in the capital and districts, are especially necessary during the pandemic period. Disinfectant cleaning is a special version of the cleaning activity for which not all service providers are prepared; therefore, we are expanding the capacities of Budapest Esély and other organizations dealing with public cleaning in the capital. The employment goal is to provide jobseekers over the age of 16 with primary education degrees in the capital with a marketable, cleaning / trained cleaning profession and related internships in public employment.

Elderly Care Start Program

The goal of the program is to allow older people to stay in their homes who do not live in an institution because of their health condition, but simply because of their inability to do housework or their limited ability. Increasing the capacity of home care services and signalling home aid will reduce the burden on families and solve the problem of isolation of single elderly people. The aim is to provide jobseekers over the age of 18 with at least primary school education in the capital with a marketable, social care and nursing profession and with related internships in public employment.

Digital Public Employment Start Program

Within the framework of the program, the Municipality initiates the creation of a digital database and online exhibition guide from certain public collections. Digital public collection materials will also be easily accessible in situations where visitor access is restricted. The goal is to provide temporary public employment for jobseekers over the age of 18 with at least a high school diploma in the capital, within the framework of a socially useful activity. It is recommended to maintain the program periodically in case of various crisis situations.

The new program elements will significantly contribute to the development of Budapest’s social care network and will help the city to adapt more easily to the changed circumstances during a new wave of COVID-19 that may appear.