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Let’s talk about Budapest

A series of conversations has been launched within the framework of Restart Budapest, during which Gergely Karácsony, Mayor of Budapest, along with invited experts, explores the current challenges and possible development directions of each topic.

The venue of the conversations is the ceremonial hall at the City Hall, which normally hosts the meetings, conferences, public hearings and public forums of the General Assembly. This time, the mayor talks with experts about reopening and restarting the city – that is, about how our lives will change due to the coronavirus pandemic, what we can keep from the pre-pandemic period, and what we definitely need to change.

The moderator of the conversation is Szilvia Krizsó, a Pulitzer Memorial journalist and television presenter, who, by her own admission, undertook to lead a public conversation after a long absence because “it is our common interest to have an insight into the process happening in Budapest in the coming weeks, months, and it is important that the decisions made take into account the interests of citizens and that, as citizens, we can force the city administration to represent the interests of the city well.”

The series of talks can be followed live on Thursdays on the Facebook page of the City Hall and can be viewed at the links below.

Episode 6: Restarting the economy of Budapest

Episode 5: Restart tourism in Budapest!

Episode 4: Reimagining traffic in Budapest together!

Episode 3: Give more space to commuters!

Episode 2: Let us rethink about the open spaces in our city

Epsiode 1: Reopening the City