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The government announced travel restrictions

On the recommendation of the operational staff, the government has decided to divide countries into three categories – red, yellow and green – based on the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, and will restrict the border-crossing of travellers accordingly.

In the case of the green category, both the infection and the risk are low, and entry is acceptable. The yellow category includes countries with less serious conditions, and the red category includes those where it is serious.


Special rules apply to Hungarian citizens and their relatives, and to non-Hungarians.  A Hungarian citizen coming from a green country can enter Hungary without being checked. Those who come from a yellow or red country will be subjected to a health inspection and must remain in quarantine for 14 days. There is an exception to this rule if the person can present two negative coronavirus tests within 5 days, 48 hours apart from each other. A Hungarian citizen coming from a yellow country can be released from quarantine after the first negative coronavirus test, while in the case of a red country two negative tests are required.

In the case of non-Hungarian citizens, citizens of a country categorized as yellow may enter under the same conditions as Hungarian citizens, but citizens of a red country are not allowed to enter.

Excluded from this rule are transit traffic and goods traffic, as well as official travels, but even in these cases health inspections are to be expected. The police may grant an exemption from home quarantine in the case of special exceptions. The application must be submitted in English or Hungarian.