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Budapest will support camping opportunities for 10,000 children

Based on the decision of the Municipality of Budapest, this year 10 thousand children under the age of 14 will receive a grant of 10 thousand forints to improve the situation of employees with children.

Since 2013, the budgetary body of the Municipality Budapest, the Mosaic Economic Organization, organizes summer camps for students and teachers of public educational institutions in Budapest as part of the Out-of-School Activities program series.

This year, as an addition, Budapest will support families in difficult situations due to the pandemic (especially families whose children are in primary school) in finding solutions for childcare during the summer school holidays. To this end, the Municipality of Budapest provides a discounted opportunity for a five-day camp for 10,000 children in Budapest to organize sports, art, personality and skills development, awareness raising, prevention, talent development and catch-up programs and classes in the form of summer day care.

The program was initiated by the Municipal Reconciliation Council in response to the pandemic, as many companies had no option but to ask employees to take vacation days, leaving many employees with children in a difficult situation during the summer school holidays.

Any institution, organization or individual entrepreneur with experience in day camping based in Budapest or an individual entrepreneur  who has already submitted his/her camping activities for the year 2020 to the County Office (capital district) of the competent capital and County Government office and has been approved by the Institute of Public Health.

The City provides support up to 10,000 HUF / person per child for those institutions and organizations and enterprises in Budapest that organize a children’s camp (up to  35,000 HUF  / person / 5 days participation fee), in order to reduce the burden on the parents (the parents must be need to be supported by a financial receipt). If such support has already been claimed for a child, only the remaining amount of the support can be used in another camp, but the total amount cannot exceed the 10,000 HUF for one child.

The support may be claimed for a child who has not yet reached the age of 14 by 31 August 2020 and has a permanent residence or a registered residence in Budapest.