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Budapest Integrated Urban Development Strategy

The General Assembly of Budapest decided to apply a new Integrated Urban Development Strategy in light of the Lajos Lechner Knowledge Centre’s ’Methodological Guide on Smart City Development Planning’, as the scope of the 2014 document (revised in 2016) expires this year.

The Strategy is a medium-term, city-development document which defines the development directions to be implemented by the Municipality of Budapest over the next 7 years.


The Strategy will be responsible for integrating the coordinated feasibility of the developments of each industrial strategy project, considering the links and relationships between industries that explore counter-management processes. It will also propose solutions to explore the latter subject and identify opportunities for collaboration. By maintaining a balance, it will determine the order of importance of the various local needs, identifying appropriate actions of support that vary in nature from organizational, procedural, legal or even financial.

In order to achieve each set of objectives, points of intervention will be identified according to the criteria set out in the particular strategies, to be subsequently implemented in priority development sites. Primarily through coordination and conciliation, the overall aim of the Strategy is to implement thoroughly planned projects in order to promote the development of potential areas that carry significant importance for the Municipality of Budapest and the people of the Capital: As a first project, the administration strives to develop a closer connection between the City and the banks of the Danube river.

One significant parallel between the current and the previous Strategy document is the inclusion of citizen recommendations – that overlap with the Smart City Methodology – which will now have a much greater influence on the city’s development. For the Municipality of Budapest, the involvement of local citizens is fundamental; the administration emphasizes that it represents and works for the people of the Capital. In order to facilitate and maintain a dialogue, a designer website has been created where anyone can view parks and other green spaces, and list ideas in line with 21st century urban landscape.

Citizen participation

It is crucial for Budapest that, over time, more people express their views and share suggestions about the future of the city. The newly elected city leadership is committed to making Budapest a city of solidarity that is green, liveable, and competitive – one where the local population, NGOs and professional organisations can actively participate in urban development and contribute to the planning processes.