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The government will reinstate travel restrictions starting September 1

The government will temporarily reintroduce border control on its entire internal border section starting from September 1, according to a government decree published in the Hungarian Gazette on Sunday – publshed on the website.

The government’s official website also stated that Hungarian citizens and their non-citizen family members coming from abroad are subject to undergo a medical examination upon entry at border crossings. If there is a suspected infection, those arriving will be placed in a designated quarantine or, if they do not pose an epidemiological risk, in self-quarantine. If the examination does not reveal the suspicion of infection – based on the authority of the epidemiological authority – those entering will be placed under quarantine or self-quarantine for 14 days. An exemption could be granted if two molecular biological tests (PCR tests) are performed at least 48 hours apart.

If during the possibility of infection is suspected based on contact-tracing, the first medical examination can only be performed on the fourth day from the day the individual came into contact with the infected individual. According to the decree, those who are entitled to permanent residence in Hungary, and those who have a residence permit issued by the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing for a stay of more than 90 days, are subject to the same treatment as a Hungarian citizen when crossing the border for an unofficial purpose with a private passport or other travel document. These also include athletes, sports professionals and delegates of Hungarian sports organizations, if they enter the country after participating in an international sports event abroad.

The scope of the regulation does not cover border crossings for freight traffic, or with an official passport, as well as those who provide credible evidence at the time of entry that they have been infected with a coronavirus in the past six months.

According to the decree, non-Hungarian citizens may not enter the territory of Hungary. Exemption from this can only be granted by the police, for example, for appearance in court or official proceedings in Hungary, business or other work certified by a letter of invitation, use of health care in Hungary, fulfilment of study or examination obligations, returning from or to the starting point of the transport route, – in the case of attending in a wedding, baptism, funeral, care for a relative, participation in an international sporting, cultural or church event of special importance or for any other justifiable reason. The application can be submitted electronically in Hungarian and English, or by a legal representative or proxy, – as written on the website.

Citizens of neighbouring states and Hungarian citizens living there may enter the territory of Hungary within a distance of 30 kilometres from the state border for a maximum of 24 hours, but they may not leave this area. Hungarians living 30-kilometers from the border can also enter if they stay within 30-kilometers from the border of the neighbouring state for less than 24 hours. According to the decree of the published by Minister of the Interior in the Gazette, those arriving for business purposes may enter Hungary from the territory of any state.

Transit of aliens is allowed upon entry after a medical examination, if no infection is suspected, the individual can enter if meeting the required entry conditions provided for in the Schengen Borders Code, proving the purpose of the trip, the country of destination and entry to the neighbouring state en-route to the country of destination is assured. Transit traffic is only possible on a specific route, stopping at certain rest stops and for up to 24 hours – as reported by the website.

After participating at an international sporting event abroad, the athletes, sports specialist or delegate of the Hungarian sports organization must also designate an area on a property used by the sports organization to perform sports activities as a place for official self-quarantine. Thus, during the official self-quarantine, the athlete can move between his/her place of residence or stay, and the property used for the sporting activity, and he/she can participate in the training. Non-Hungarian participants arriving at an international sporting event in Hungary – with the exception of spectators – may enter Hungary if two negative PCR tests are performed at least 48 hours apart in the previous 5 days, and are certified by a Hungarian or English document. Alternatively, subject to the protocol of the European Football Association, participants may enter the country with a negative PCR test not older than three days. It has been announced that the government may issue a separate decree on the epidemiological regulations to be followed at major sporting events. Military convoys may also enter the territory of Hungary and pass through the country if only technical equipment, equipment and personnel are moved during the troop movement, and the border crossing is ensured by the neighbouring countries.

The government decree also stated that the Hungarian Defence Forces will be assisting in border control and border protection tasks, patrols, disinfection of certain facilities at the request of the Operative Board, and, if necessary, performs escort tasks related to transit or guard protection.

You can read the government decree published in the Hungarian Gazette here.