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29 infected people were found in the elderly home at Kamaraerdő street

25 out of the 572 residents, and 4 out of almost 300 co-workers have tested positive for COVID-19 during the testing procedure in the social institute. 2 of the 3 buildings are involved, there is no active cases at Bánk bán street.

Most of the infected elderly people have no symptoms, some of them are only showing mild symptoms. They were asked to be transported to a hospital in order to promote their healing and to protect the other residents of the institute. One of the patients who has been transported to the hospital from the elderly home passed away today.

As it’s known, based on the request of the institute and the Budapest Operative Board; the Municipality of Budapest introduced a ban on visits and a curfew in the elderly home, which was expanded to the whole country by the Chief Medical Officer.

The institute is in constant touch with the experts of the epidemiological authority who helped with the testing alongside the Municipality of Budapest. A commander assigned by the government provides help to the director of the institution.

Based on the report, the last inspection made by the Government Office of the Capital City Budapest in August showed no signs of default, the institute followed every rule of the protocol.

The Municipality initiated by the government to provide free testing and increase the number of tests, as well as introduced strict rules on mask-wearing in every institute – highlighted the Mayor several times last week –, since the rising case numbers require a more determined step up.