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Hand sanitizing stations are set up by BKK at thirteen busy metro stations

BKK is contributing to the fight against the pandemic with new actions, increasing the safety of passengers after the free mask distribution last week, and the stricter monitoring of mask-wearing. Now, thirteen of the busiest metro stations are now equipped for the possibility of contact free hand sanitization.

Contact free disinfection stations have been installed at thirteen busy metro stations to promote the fight against the pandemic. At the junction of Deák Ferenc Square and Keleti Railway Station, as well as the M2 metro Déli Railway Station, Széll Kálmán Square, Batthyány Square, Blaha Lujza Square, Puskás Ferenc Stadion, Örs Vezér Square, the M3 Metro Újpest Centre, Nyugati Railway Station and Nagyvárad Square, as well as the M4 metro at Kelenföld railway station and Móricz Zsigmond Boulevard. It is possible to use the antiviral hand sanitizer to ensure safety for everyone whilst travelling. Disinfection stations are available every day from 7 am to 7 pm. Regular hand sanitization plays an important role in preventing and slowing down the spread of the coronavirus, as these materials quickly reduce the number of microbes on our hands, and help to destroy various substances that cause diseases, including the new coronavirus. In order for the hand sanitizer to work properly, it is advised to cover the entire surface of our hands and fingers with the disinfectant and rub it for 30-60 seconds until our skin dries.

The new measure, which promotes protection and safer travelling, does not, of course, replace previous regulations: when using public transport, it is still mandatory to wear a mask covering our nose and mouth, not only on vehicles, but also at bus stops and metro stations. Moreover, according to the regulation which came into force on 21 September 2020, it is no longer enough to cover our faces with a shawl and scarf: a regular mask is needed. Since 10 September, BKK inspectors have been monitoring the mask-wearing more strictly, along with the staff of the Municipality of Budapest Law Enforcement Directorate. If a passenger is not or not properly wearing a mask, they can not only be banned from public transport services, but also be charged an additional fee of HUF 8000 to be paid on site, or within two days at the BKK’s customer centres, and HUF 16000 paid after by cheque.

Source: BKK Centre for Budapest Transport