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Restrictions are strengthened in Budapest again

  • It is mandatory to wear a mask properly on BKK public transport services. Those who are not wearing a mask, or not wearing it properly can be banned from travelling with an additional HUF 8000 fine. In order to minimalize and deter circumvention, the BKK inspectors are working together with the Municipality of Budapest Law Enforcement Directorate.
  • It is also mandatory to wear a mask in cultural institutions which are operated by the Municipality of Budapest.
  • There is a ban on visiting hospitals and social institutions in the whole country. Visiting is allowed only in special cases: children, women in labour, dying person, or based on principle of individual fairness.
  • Those who are not covering their faces with a mask on MÁV-START and Volánbusz services can be asked to get off the vehicle.
  • Medical, social and public educational programs can only be held online.
  • In Budapest it is required to cover your face with a mask in cinemas, theatres, concerts, during circus performances, also in closed areas of similar institutions and during general meetings in apartment buildings.
  • In the whole country it is required to wear a mask in shopping centres, cinemas, museums, theatres, libraries, post offices and other customer services, as well as public transport services, bus stops, waiting rooms and sports facilities. Breaking the rules can be followed by sanctions. The owner of the location can warn you to wear a mask, but if it is needed, police can be involved. Public health experts can also supervise mask-wearing. It is important to note that scarves are not enough, only proper masks are allowed.
  • The restrictions on entering the country are still active.
  • Night clubs have to close at 11pm, as well as events with dance and music.
  • Events can only be held up to 500 people.
  • The duration of the quarantine is reduced from 14 days to 10 days for those who are returning home from abroad.
  • The price of the tests is fixed by the authorities at HUF 19500.
  • From 1 October, it is obligatory to check body temperature in kindergartens, schools and vocational schools.
  • Health, social and public education events can only be held online.

Source: Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK), Mayor’s Office,, MÁV-Group