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Information on the rules of mask-wearing in Budapest

On the 28th of October, it was on the agenda of Budapest’s General Assembly to repeal its Municipal Decree No. 21/2020. (IV. 23.) regarding the wearing of masks; however, due to failure to gather the required quorum, the meeting was cancelled.

At the time of entry into force, there weren’t any rules of higher-order specifying the wearing of masks, nor rules of social distancing. Therefore, it was necessary to introduce such measures in order to take preventive steps to slow the transmission of COVID-19.

Since then, a new law of the central legislation came into practice (Government Decree No. 431/2020 (IX. 18.). Hence it is no longer justified for the Municipal Decree to stay in effect. Moreover, municipal decrees cannot be identical or contrary to those of higher order.

As soon as the General Assembly will meet the quorum again, the Decree will be put out of order. Even until then, rules defined by the Government Decree should be followed. Finally, we would like to kindly draw everyone’s attention to the fact that the most effective way to fight against the pandemic is to wear a mask and wash your hands properly on a regular basis. Regardless of any regulations, we ask all of you to do this in the protection of yourself and others.