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The Municipality of Budapest provides free testing for every school employee in Budapest

As a voluntary assignment, the Municipality of Budapest will significantly expand its testing capacities and creates the possibility of voluntary free testing for all school teachers and employees from the end of November.

According to experts, a stricter restriction of mass gatherings and events, and the introduction of mass testing would be necessary to stop the spread of the pandemic. Therefore, the Municipality of Budapest (though it’s not its mandatory job) has decided to expand its testing capacities. The purchase of 100,000 new antigen tests and 10,000 PCR tests has been initiated – in addition to the already existing stocks. The antigen tests used in several European countries are very safe to detect infectious people, and they deliver the result within 15 minutes.

The Municipality of Budapest will be able to provide testing from the end of November through district specialized care, and meanwhile is working to provide another round of testing for teachers and school employees after the winter holidays. They also involve the teacher’s unions in the process and regularly consult with them.