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Starting Tuesday midnight new and tougher restrictions are expected in Budapest and Hungary

On Monday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced a plan to impose tougher restrictions in the country in order to slow down the spread of the pandemic. Tomorrow, the government will request the Hungarian Parliament to extend their extraordinary powers for another 90 days.

From Tuesday (November 11) midnight, the following restrictions are expected to take effect.

  • The curfew will be extended and will be in effect from 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. – exemption is granted only to those going to and from work, and in exceptional cases.
  • All forms of assembly or gatherings will be prohibited.
  • Restaurants must close, but home delivery services will remain possible.
  • Shops and services (e.g., hair salons) must close by 7 p.m.
  • There will be a general ban on events and gatherings.
  • Family gatherings and private events may only be attended by no more than 10 people.
  • All sporting events must take place behind closed doors, without spectators.
  • Individual sports activities will be possible outdoors, but amateur team sports will be banned.
  • Extracurricular facilities, including gyms, indoor swimming pools, museums, theatres and zoos, are to close.
  • Universities and secondary schools above the eighth grade will return to digital education while facilities for children under the age of 14 will remain open,
  • Kindergartens, nurseries and primary schools will stay open for children under 14.
  • Hospital workers, teachers, and nursery and kindergarten staff will be tested weekly.
  • Weddings can only be held without receptions. Only witnesses, parents, and siblings can attend church and civil ceremonies.
  • Funerals can only be attended by a maximum of 50 people
  • Hotels will be allowed to receive business travellers but not tourists. The state is expected to reimburse hotels for 80 percent of the bookings registered before November 8. However, employers are only eligible for this aide, if they commit to keeping and paying their employees.
  • Employers at restaurants and facilities for extracurricular activities will receive a 30-day exemption from having to pay any contributions. Furthermore, the state will cover 50 percent of these employees’ salaries on the condition that employees keep their jobs and continue receiving their salaries.