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Changes in public transport services, free city passes for healthcare workers

The Hungarian government has issued new restrictions due to the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Changes were introduced in the capital’s public transport services.

On November 3, 2020, daytime services started running more frequently, then on November 10, a nightly curfew was introduced in Hungary from 8 PM to 5 AM every day.

Daytime public transport services are launched with an unchanged timetable to make commuting safe during the pandemic. As for night services, a new timetable was introduced from November 13. In the inner city of Budapest, a 15-minute headway is to be expected, buses going towards the centre of the outer districts depart every 30 minutes, whereas ones with outer area destination depart hourly.

Due to the pandemic-related measures introduced recently, there are also changes in the opening hours of ticket offices. They are open every day from 5:30 AM to 7 PM, apart from the office at Corvin Quarter, where the ticket office awaits customers Monday to Friday between 6 AM and 6 PM.  All BKK Customer Service Centres remain open from 7 AM to 7 PM, except for the ones at Liszt Ferenc airport, which are under temporary closure.

From November 11, healthcare workers and medical students helping to fight the pandemic can travel free of charge. They must prove that they are eligible for free travel by presenting one of the following documents:

  • healthcare employees – in addition to their identity documents – must present the certificate attached to Government Decree 486/2020. (XI. 10.), which gets issued by the healthcare facility, where they are employed;
  • medical students must present the certificate in the attachment of Government Decree 486/2020. (XI. 10.), issued by the healthcare facility employing them, as well as a certificate of their student status.

The BKK temporarily accepts – until November 17 – official ID cards issued to people with healthcare qualifications, including membership cards of the Chamber of Health Care Professionals.

The BKK will refund tickets and passes issued to all healthcare workers and medical students eligible for free travel. For this, they need to submit an exemption request form, which they can only do so in person at Customer Service Centres of BKK or at the Central Customer Service Centre.