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The vaccination program of Budapest is ready

Budapest recommends that the government establishes 30 vaccination sites as well as an appointment-booking system. The Municipality of Budapest would establish vaccination sites in the available rooms of sports and cultural institutions, and would further increase the number of vaccination sites by involving the district health institutions. Vaccination is the solution for life to restart in Budapest.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Municipality of Budapest has continuously informed the population of Budapest about how to combat the pandemic, and what residents can do to return to their previous lifestyle as soon as possible. In this stage of the pandemic the vaccine is the solution, that’s why the capital started a campaign aimed at vaccinating the residents of the city.

The leaders of Budapest went to negotiate with György István, Secretary of State responsible for territorial administration, with a vaccination plan. With the six-point plan, the Municipality wants to make sure that as many people will be vaccinated as possible, as soon as possible.

The vaccination plan recommends that the government adds further venues besides the already existing sites, with the help of the Municipality and the districts, involving the health infrastructure at the district level. Besides the vaccination sites, the Municipality has offered to vaccinate its own infrastructure workers, including the already existing institutional doctors, and external health service and occupational health services. It offers the government the appointment-booking system already used in the mass testing of the capital.

According to the vaccination plan of Budapest in case of a temporary governmental exemption the sports and cultural centres will be suitable sites for vaccinating as well, the people waiting to get vaccinated and the people already vaccinated can be separated by a sterilized folding screen, as there’s a huge amount of space available in these sorts of venues.

With these recommendations Budapest aims to help the family doctors and remove some of the burden from them, and also aims to help as many Budapesters to get vaccinated as possible as soon as possible.

In total around 30 such sites could be established, if the government accepts the recommendations of the capital.

The vaccination program summarized:

  • Together with the district municipalities we recommend the establishment of dedicated vaccination sites besides the health clinics, thus speeding up the process. In total we wish to establish 30 sites, which can vaccinate 3000 people per day each.
  • We assume the responsibility of vaccinating the people working in municipal or district-maintained institutions (including residents and workers of resident homes and homeless shelters) and the personnel of Budapest’s critical infrastructure, with the involvement of doctors.
  • We offer our already existing appointment-booking system for the use of the municipal and at governmental vaccination sites.
  • In addition to guaranteeing the venues of the vaccination sites, we can also help the process of vaccination by providing volunteers and law enforcement.
  • We will run an informational campaign in order to increase people’s willingness to become vaccinated. It is very important for people to trust vaccines.
  • At this point, vaccination is only possible under very strict conditions in a doctor’s office, therefore a temporary governmental exemption is required for mass vaccination to begin. Sports and cultural centres would be the most suitable for this, where the people waiting to be vaccinated and the people already vaccinated can be separated by a sterilized folding screen in an easy way. In London there are concerts in big vaccination sites thus linking the pleasant and the useful. Why couldn’t we do the same thing here in Budapest?

Along with the vaccination campaign we will simultaneously continue the mass testing program between February 18-27 in two venues of Budapest: the Városháza Park (V. district) and the Széll Kálmán tér. The testing will be available every day, between 8 AM and 6 PM.

Mass testing is the biggest weapon against the spread of the coronavirus, as long as there isn’t a vaccine available for all. Just like other major cities in Europe, Budapest is committed to the support and promotion of vaccines. Only a widespread vaccination can provide a way out of the global pandemic, the only solution to save ourselves and our fellow citizens from the coronavirus disease and return to the life we had previously.