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New measures against the pandemic introduced in trams

After closing off the first row of seats in buses and trolleybuses, the BKV is now installing a cordon around the first seats of the TW6000 Hannover trams as part of the measures against the pandemic.

As locking down the driver’s cabin in trams is not possible, in these vehicles- like in the case of buses and trolleybuses- the seats closest to the driver’s cabin will be cordoned with a tape barrier beginning March 17- said the BKV in a statement.

Besides the closing off issued in Hannover trams, they have also asked the passengers to avoid staying near the driver’s cabin, indicated by the presence of help of stickers glued to the rear wall of the driver’s cabin.

When arriving to the stops, trams will open all of their doors while passengers are getting on and off, in order to provide better ventilation in the passenger area.

“It is in the common interest of every traveler in Budapest to protect the health of drivers and thus sustain the smooth travelling of the Budapest Public Transport Services. We ask for our passengers’ patience and understanding in regards to the temporarily issued measures. We also ask you to help combat the pandemic by keeping the adequate distance and complying with the mask wearing obligations”- said the BKV.