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Wearing a mask is still required while using public transport services and in indoor areas

Due to the recent lifting of certain pandemic restrictions, masks will not be mandatory to use at public transport stops in public areas.  However, while using the public transport services and in indoor areas (e.g., metro stations), masks are still mandatory to use.

Due to the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government issued a decree as a result of which several restrictions have been lifted. Wearing a mask in public spaces will not be mandatory, however, while using the public transport services and in indoor areas the proper use of masks is still mandatory.

According to a statement of the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK), public transportation is a safe choice, due to the regular disinfections and the mandatory usage of masks since April last year. The BKK emphasizes that the “proper usage of masks is one of the most efficient way in the fight against the pandemic.”. Passengers not wearing their masks properly can be excluded from BKK public transport vehicles, and can even be fined 8,000 HUF.

BKK is asking their passengers to follow the pandemic restrictions. Currently the safest way to buy tickets and passes is through the mobile ticket application, with which you can buy your ticket or pass in a more convenient way from home. More information about the mobile ticket is available on Another option is buying tickets through the regularly disinfected ticket vending machines, BKK’s customer service centre’s or any of the ticket offices. To find the nearest option, we recommend you to use BKK’s interactive map (

Source: Centre for Budapest Transport