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Additional results from the antibody testing organized by the Municipality of Budapest

In cooperation with the district municipalities, the Municipality of Budapest provided free antibody testing for Budapest residents over the age of 60. A total of 20,000 tests were conducted.

The tests were performed on a sample of venous blood using the SARS-CoV-2 lgG II Quant Assay testing method distributed by ABBOTT. The tests were performed by a contracted external laboratory. Applicants for the testing voluntarily provided their data on their vaccination status.

Due to the absence of random selection of participants and weighting, the testing does not constitute a representative sample of Budapesters over the age of 60, but the voluntarily provided information and the results of the evaluated data still provided ample learning. The tests showed that 24.18% of those vaccinated with the Sinopharm vaccine have not developed adequate protection.

A new, detailed Hungarian study published data similar to the results of the capital’s and district’s antibody tests. The research group led by academic Balázs Sarkadi and biostatistician Tamás Ferenci also found that the Sinopharm vaccine is not effective in a quarter of those over the age of 60.