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Current rules

On October 28, 2021, the government announced new epidemiological measures:

  • From November 1, wearing a mask is mandatory in public transport
  • A ban on visits to health care institutions will come into force
  • The leaders of social care institutions can decide to introduce a ban on visits
  • Companies and businesses are given the right to require vaccination as a condition of work

Since 3 July 2021, the following rules have been in force based on government decisions:

  • Even without proof of protection, citizens can enter restaurants, accommodation, leisure facilities, and cultural events and performances with a seated auditorium
  • There are no restrictions on stores
  • In the case of family and private events, the current limit is 100 people, and in the case of weddings it is 400 people
  • Sports events, music and dance events, and other events held indoors or outdoors for more than 500 people can still be attended only with proof of protection. Even under-18s can only attend these events with proof of protection or under the supervision of a protected person. Detailed rules for each event type are available here

Under the previous rules:

  • The curfew has been lifted
  • There is no mandatory closing time for shops and restaurants
  • Sports are free in public, both individually and as a team
  • Family events and weddings can be held
  • From May 25, 2021, parking charges will be collected again
  • 10 days are set as the time of official home quarantine
  • The official price of PCR tests was set at HUF 19,500

Source: BKK, The Municipality of Budapest,

Last updated: November 26th, 2021