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Support the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in Budapest

All received donations are exclusively used for tasks related to prevention, treatment and response to the coronavirus pandemic. To ensure the safety of the employees of Budapest’s health and social care institutions, of businesses and companies operated by the Municipality of Budapest and of clients using their services.

Dear Budapesters,

We all know and are experiencing that the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is seriously affecting the whole country, including Budapest. As leaders of the Capital, we do everything we can to slow down the spread of the pandemic, provide adequate care and nursing for the ones residing in our social institutions. We make every effort to maintain Budapest’s public services, care for our employees and draw attention to the fact that by disciplined adherence to a few simple rules, we can all do our share to keep the number of infections as low as possible. The only way to get through this hardship is by working together and helping each other!

Experts have been saying for a long time that perhaps the most beneficial action to curb the pandemic is effective testing (by both quantitative and qualitative means). Unfortunately, the current lack of testing capacity is claiming human lives every day. Although increasing testing capacities would be a government task, due to the lack of measures, the Municipality of Budapest has decided to start expanding its own testing capacities from its own resources. Under this framework, we intend to procure 100,000 antigen tests as soon as possible. Our goal is to provide testing capacities for all vulnerable and high risk groups with the involvement of district municipalities, with primary focus on individuals working in educational, social and homeless care institutions.

We believe providing assistance and care is our duty, even in a situation, where the capital has been severely battered by three things: the pandemic, the economic crisis and financial withdrawal of the government.

Therefore, just like during the first wave of the virus, we are still offering the opportunity to help through monetary donation (hereinafter together referred to as a monetary donation) by credit card payment or by transfer to the following bank account number. All help contributes to the achievement of public goals. We are grateful for all and any support. As in the first wave of the pandemic, this time around we expect yet again the discretionary support of companies and businesses.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that by making a monetary donation, you, as a Donor (hereinafter: Donor), implicitly, accept a legal declaration to enter into contract under the following conditions:

Donations will be used by the Municipality of Budapest exclusively for the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, in particular:

·      to support the procurement of tests for teachers, school workers and those working in particularly vulnerable social and homeless care institutions;

·      for the purchase of assistive and protective equipment;

·      to support capital and district-maintained health and social care system.

Please read our terms and conditions of the donation contract before proceeding.


If you would like to make a donation via transfer, you can do so to the following bank account:

Account holder name: Municipality of Budapest
Donation account name: “Emergency 2020 revenue from donations for public service goals”
Bank account number: 11784009-15490012-11710002 (OTP Bank)
IBAN: HU86 11784009 1549 0012 1171 0002 (BIC: OTPVHUHB)

Privacy Policy

In order to comply with our legal obligations regarding the receipt and transaction of donations, please include the following information in the notice box:
Covid-19 Donation Donor’s name, full address/registered office, tax identification code/tax number

For example:

Covid-19 Donation John Smith, 8888. Budapest Pest street 123., 8425604275

By completing the above section of the notice, you accept the terms and conditions of the donation contract.
Please note that we are unable to accept donations without the above information.

Thank you for your cooperation.