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How to help

Dear Budapesters,

The novel coronavirus is a severe challenge to all of us. Still, it’s reassuring to see that where there are people in need, there are also people to help. We have set up this website so that that those who want to help, have an easy-to-use platform to do so. 

Firstly, please fill in the questionnaire below. We require no further information than what is essentially needed for your help to reach its recipients. In case you only want to donate to one specific institution or city district, make sure to contact them directly before filling out the questionnaire. Direct communication makes the process faster, so if you have already established contact with one specific institution/district, that’s the way to go. In such cases, filling in the form is only recommended if you think your donation has not reached its recipient yet. 

The Municipality of Budapest is not collecting object donations at this point, but we will be happy send these further to city districts or institutions. The same applies for cash donations. 

Based on the requests of the city districts and the city-run institutions, we need above all company laptops, notebooks, smart phones or any other device that makes home learning and working from home possible. In addition, we need sanitizers, medical protection gear, surgical masks as well as offerings of transport or transport vehicles. 

After your filling in the questionnaire, we will contact you, and route your donation to where it’s needed most. 

Thank you for taking care of fellow residents.

Yours sincerely,
Gábor Kerpel-Fronius

Deputy Mayor, Head of Donations Task Force 


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