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Why is it so important to vaccinate ourselves?

Just like other major European cities, Budapest is committed to promoting and supporting vaccination. Only a widespread vaccination can provide a way out of this global pandemic, it’s the only solution to save ourselves and our fellow citizens from the COVID-19 disease and return to the lives we had previously.

As the shaping and internal distribution of the vaccination and the organization of the vaccination itself are national tasks in every country, here in Hungary the national government is in control over these processes.

Budapest can only participate in it as a supporter with its own modest tools or can get involved in the organization in case of a special governmental request.

Guaranteeing the functioning of the health care system and the safety of its workers is one of the most important national interests, therefore their vaccination is coming to an end and simultaneously, the vaccination of the most vulnerable target groups and the residents and workers of nursing homes has begun. Based on the experiences of the past year, we now know that the elderly is the most likely to be seriously affected by the coronavirus and the mortality rate is also the highest in that age group. Therefore, their protection is now the main priority.

Budapest has already been doing its best to lead the protection against the pandemic with its own tools and thanks to that during the second wave Budapest is doing better than many other parts of the country according to many indicators.

The vaccination of an entire country and its millions of people is not an easy task. It’s probably one of the biggest challenges of our time, entailing several months of work of thousands of people. The aim of the vaccination program is to become protected against the coronavirus, which is the most important thing right now.

Thus, the leaders of Budapest are encouraging every citizen of the capital to consider the vaccination in case there’s a possibility for getting it, meaning in case the national vaccination protocol includes the target group you are part of and there isn’t any medical contraindication, which you have consulted upon with your doctor, then you should vaccinate yourself.

This will be the most important act this year, which you can be proud of!

In case the vaccination still doesn’t concern you, but it does concern your older relatives, then support them in registering and getting the vaccination.

The first step towards this is to have as many Budpesters as possible pre-register on the registration site run by the government, under this link:

In case you have any questions regarding the vaccination or the virus itself, several sites and portals are available, we recommend the following, made by unbiased experts for non-experts:

The state-run governmental information site can be found here:

In case you want to know more than just the information provided by the government, we recommend the following pages: